22 June 2010

Today's song is anonymous

“This Song Is Anonymous (We Do Not Know Its Name)” by ButterflyPolite.

Richard Smith’s competition-winning definition of anonymous inspired this delightful bit of bespoke pop, which could hardly be more different in tone to its creator’s previous song, “Happy Families Fade”. Parody or profundity... or a little of both? Have fun deciding, and visit the Very Us Artists song page for lyrics and insights.


uglifruit said...

I know their names!

Hope you enjoyed it Richard.

Richard said...

I'm doubly delighted. There's an uncanny coincidence - if I had been the boy scout (I couldn't have been as I never joined and never used the uniform as a disguise), the old lady would have been called Ethel! She lived at the top of my street. I sometimes helped with her shopping. She didn't die mysteriously.

And one of my favourite songs is Fifteen Minutes by Kirsty MacColl, which is a similar riff on the fame game

Jackie said...

Ha ha! Brilliant!