20 May 2009

Today's word is suddenly


Lots of scraps today: firstly, I’ve reinstated the option to search the dictionary by letter after several readers said they had liked it. Thanks to Irve for the formatting suggestion that keeps the letters separate from the names.

Secondly, for anyone who followed the spectacular poll between the two words, pretend and family, the former won with 77% percent of the total 1,590 votes. Google’s cache of family has now disappeared into the electronic ether, and the poll box I had up for a while will soon follow.

Finally, one of the nice things about having lots of new readers is that you discover lots of new links. So... My First Dictionary will be building up a blogroll of sites that share its morbid preoccupations (see the menu bar to the right). The first addition is Diane’s delightful Wouldn’t You Like to See Something Strange? I’ll add others when I feel like it, if I feel like it, and when I’m not too busy with my roadkill photography project.

17 May 2009

Today's word is triumph


I’ve reorganized the post labels, making it easier to see if a particular name has been featured on My First Dictionary (which seems more fun than the old method of listing individual letters). It also means you can follow the adventures of particular characters... like poor Carol Ann and the equally ill-fated Spot. See the menu bar to the right for the full list.

06 May 2009

Today's word is empty


As you can see, yesterday's word was pretend. I'd originally posted it under the title family, as one reader (Robert) noticed. At the last minute, however, I pulled it and reworked it slightly, but Google had already cached it here. Anyway, I'd be interested to know which version you think works better... Use the poll to the right if you want to express your important opinion on this stunningly relevant issue!

03 May 2009

Today's word is silence


If you’d like to hear a little bit about the creation of My First Dictionary and the thinking behind it, read Juan de Joya’s interview with me over at his blog, No Juan Here.