29 June 2009

Today's word is concise


A few days ago, I was directed to The Story of Little Kettle-Head by a reader and former timid librarian called Sean, who opined “it changed my life”... Well, Sean, I’m not sure it changed my life exactly, but it certainly messed up my head – even more so than Little Kettle-Head’s head gets messed up. And, as you can probably guess from her name, that’s pretty fucking messed up. (Sorry, swear-box, owe you 10p.)

If you find My First Dictionary disturbing, funny or disturbingly funny, then I urge you to try Little Kettle-Head’s adventures for size, along with those of Pat (and the Spider!) and Little Black Sambo, as well as anything by their seriously twisted author, Helen Bannerman. They’re all archived on a website called Sterling Times, which I’ve yet to investigate fully but which is quite clearly brilliant. In fact, the only reason I haven’t blogrolled it is because, well... it’s not a blog.

25 June 2009

Today's word is list


A new addition to the blogroll... With a name like Pictures for Sad Children, you just know that John Campbell’s daily comic strip inhabits the same universe as My First Dictionary. Personally, I'm partial to the more surreal entries, but you should probably read a few to get a feel for it. And if you come away with a sad smile, I’ll know it’s worked its magic on you.

07 June 2009

Today's word is remove


A second addition to My First Dictionary’s blogroll is long overdue, so today I’m adding the creepy-cute collage gallery, sedada. Laulau’s work ranges from the charming to the disturbing, with most of her pieces (like my favourite so far) falling somewhere in between...

Probably not safe for work, by the way! But you knew that.