10 June 2012


All bad things come to an end – and, as you’ve probably already surmised from the lack of updates over the last six months, My First Dictionary has pretty much finished its run.

It’s down to a mixture of factors. Throughout the course of the blog, I’ve been steadily and inevitably running out of pictures to steal from the original children’s dictionary. Perhaps more devastatingly (and more obviously) I’ve also been running out of ideas. There’s only so many ways to kill a child, as sick humorists and serial killers far greater than I have no doubt discovered. Kittens are easier to kill – they stun easily and tend not to arouse as much suspicion when they disappear – but I fear we’re wandering slightly off-topic now.

I won’t say I’ll never pop back here if inspiration suddenly hits (there’s nothing like a little lump of coal-black nastiness to dampen the Christmas spirit in December, say) but this is it for now. The book’s still in print and offers plenty of words and definitions you can’t find on the blog, as well as flash cards, exercises and other goodies.

If you’re really missing your fix of nasty things happening to innocent people, you’re welcome to stop by my new blog,
The Baby Died, which reprints fascinatingly horrible news snippets from times (thankfully) past. It’s not intended to be a laugh-fest but if, like me, you find yourself psychologically incapable of suppressing some sort of giggle at the thought of a gruesome accident, there’s a certain streak of irresponsible humour to be had.

Thanks for all your support, comments and alternative captions over the years. It’s been a blast. See you in the funnies,