30 May 2010


The fat lady’s getting ready to sing a song about the Sing-Along Dictionary but, before she does, the Very Us Artists have one last little message for you all:

Many thanks again to all the VUArtists for spicing up My First Dictionary these past weeks, and especially to the twisted ringleader of the project, John LaSala. It’s back to the boring old, non-singing, non-dancing dictionary tomorrow, albeit with one fairly major difference: YOU get to pick the next word.

Yes, it’s caption competition time again! Remember last year? This time, however, there’s an actual prize at stake. And, no, I’m not telling you what it is. In fact, there aren’t even words to describe how exciting it is – and, being a dictionary blogger, I should know.

That’s right... I called myself a “dictionary blogger”. Deal with it, and see you tomorrow.

UPDATE: Just to clarify, the proper competition starts tomorrow with an all-new new picture. The image above is for illustration purposes only – although, seeing as we’ve already had two funny captions for it, feel free to practise!


JonnyB said...



Adele and Richard need an Audience to perform.

Everything is better with an Audience.

Martin said...


Janice is now COVERED in pig's blood.

The blood COVERS her tears.

Jim said...


Edward is helping Janice put on another show at the party. Edward is helping Janice exhibit her singing skills again.

Later, Edward will show Janice. Edward will demonstrate how much Janice's singing frustrates him.

little gator said...


Maria decided to AMPUTATE a limb so she would be more like Sarah Bernhardt. She decided to have her arm cut off.

Not only did she have the wrong limb AMPUTATED, it didn't improve her performing skills at all.

Anonymous said...

Your Dictionary needs no spicing up, and it's never boring. Always great fun. Keep them coming!