08 March 2011

Today's word is shoo


freyaa. said...



Andrew Bantock said...

Surely it's tenderiSing Nr Horsley, or are you pandering to our Transatlantic cousins completely now?

Andy Bantock

Bryan White said...

At least you'll never hear anyone say, "You finally crossed the line with this one, Ross." You left the line behind you in the dust a long, long time ago. :)

Lemur said...

OMG LOL! Fabulous, snarky, delicious! Will be recommending this to everyone. Hmm...have you done delicious yet? I can see that being fun.

4:36 pm
http://myfirstdictionary.blogspot.com/ OMG you have to read this - hysterical!

Gaktak said...

Yup, delicious would be fun... or delightful... I'd love so see how you could twist that one...

Brilliant blog my kind sir, brilliant blog.

FJL said...

If Fluffy's pampered, tender, chewless diet persists, she will easily be a shoo-in to become WSPA's poster dog, for their campaign extolling the virtues of canine health, well being and proper dental care.

Loss of appetite?
Red, swollen and bleeding gums?
Yellow-brown tartar at the gum line?
Blood in the saliva?
Foul breath?

Your veterinarian should check your dog's mouth for tooth or gum disease during annual checkups.

World Society For The Protection Of Animals
Our vision is of a world where animal welfare matters, and animal cruelty ends.

TheBrewsky said...

shoo (excl.)

Shoo, Fluffy, shoo! Go away and leave us alone! Mommy and Daddy are in the middle of something.