29 April 2010

Today's song is prepare

“Be Prepared For Anything” by Peter Fedofsky.

Peter’s sunny, sinister song lifts that yellow roller blind and drags you in through those blue curtains in a way that blew my mind. For his commentary (and full lyrics) visit the VUA song page.


i {heart} papers said...

This song cracks me up. It's so happy sounding!

coulrophobic agnostic said...

I just discovered this site, and am so in love. It's so delightfully PERFECT.

I only have three readers, so this plug really means nothing, but all the same, I shouted-out to you in today's entry:


Ross Horsley said...

coulrophobic agnostic: Your site's hilariously scary. I'm sending some Twitter love your way!

Tambour Major said...


Bessie is conscientious. She conscientiously prepares Pat's breakfast. Cyanide is now perfectly melted into the coffee.

Ken Gun Min said...

This is full of inspiration. I am sending my salutte.