17 August 2009

Today's word is up to you

I’m going to be away for a couple of weeks – but don’t despair! I’m leaving you with the blank entry below and asking you to suggest some possible definitions using the comments function. My favourite entry will be added to the dictionary... See you when I get back!


Josh England said...

Milly was hungry. She couldn't wait to get the butchers meat inside her.

The City Road said...

Today's word is fresh


Julie is getting fresh with the butcher's boy. She wishes he would touch her the way he touches fresh mince.

josephalford said...

Today's word is Supplied

Daddy supplied the meat.
The meat is made from Daddy.

Bill Moonroe said...


Lizzie thinks the meat looks tasty. It looks delicious.

The steaks look tasty, also.

elDamo said...


Kathy felt the dull ache of unrequited love for Mr. Fenton, the butcher.

He didn't love her back; her love was not returned, was unrequited.

He loved Jill, the trollop working the bar in the Carpenter's Arms

Anonymous said...

Today's word is missing

Mrs. Smith's son is missing.
He hasn't been found.
Mrs. Smith is certain that nothing bad happened to him.

arlee said...

Organ. Peggy Sue didn't want steak; she had a hankering for fresh organ meat. *Really* fresh, still pulsing.

Alex said...


Billy tells Mrs. Jones that he often has to use both hands when he handles his meat.

After Saturday night and the bottle of wine (aisle 12), Mrs. Jones already knew that.

Jess Black said...


Mother will conceal the poison. She will hide it in Father's stead.

Ben said...


Mother likes to choose.
Father makes the decisions.
That's why she still has to shop for little Timmy.

Bill Hinderman said...


Henry used to work at the deli. Now he sells meat from his home. He is a free-lance butcher.

Philip robbins said...


Meat is good for soothing bruises.

Jenny is buying meat to put on her black eye because she didn't listen to her husband the first time.

JoshuaVP said...

Henry licks his fingers after he touches the meat, he loves giving his immune system a challenge.

Albatross said...


Mr. Jones is a vegetarian.

He is under the impression that he is going to have a soy protein steak for dinner.

Anonymous said...


The steak looks TASTY. It is the TASTIEST meat in the shop.
George is keeping TASTIER meat for Mrs Reading for later.

Anonymous said...

Today's Word is MEAT. Certainly Mr. Smith wouldn't notice the smell of the hot young butcher's meat on her hands.

Unknown said...
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Nowtas said...

Today’s word is mince
Mince, Mincing

Edgar enjoys a nice bit of mince.
He is mincing to annoy nasty Mrs Biblebash

Today’s word is Sudan

The Sudan is a country and an ingredient.
Estelle knows Sudan 1 makes eating meat from the Sudan more exciting.

Today’s word is mystery

Some of the mystery sauce was eaten by the mystery meat.
Rupert has covered the mystery meat in mystery sauce for his latest customer.

Today’s word is pump

Mrs Crabwalk likes her meat tender and salty.
Charlie will have to go and pump the meat for Mrs Crabwalk again.

Unknown said...

Meat is Anonymous.
It cannot be identified.
Once it is cut into steaks,
you can't tell who it
used to be.

Alex T said...

Today's word is reliable

Sam the butcher is quite reliable. He can be trusted to do things people need him to do.

Mrs. Fenton can count on Sam to dispose of the bodies quickly and cleanly.

Chopper3 said...

Susan no longer expects good SERVICE
not since they were allowed to live here

Garrett said...


After the petting zoo didn't work out, Anabell was repurposed.

Robotkat said...

Today's word is Secret

Greg has a secret.
He will not tell Mrs. Jones where the meat really came from.

Unknown said...

Today's word is BUTCHER.

Helen is learning how to BUTCHER a leg.

The City Road said...

Today's word is control

Karen is on the Atkins Diet.
She uses it to control her weight.

Tom cannot control his Psoriasis.

Anonymous said...


The meat looks familiar to Mrs. Jones.

She could swear she's seen that tattoo before.

Anonymous said...


Mrs. Hutchens prowls for all the young savory men inside the grocery store

Anonymous said...

Todays word is Veal

Valerie wants to know if the Veal was caged up properly during its short life and whether it was bled long enough before it died.

jdb said...
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jdb said...

Today's word is sausage.

Mary is very interested in Butcher Jim's sausage.
Her husband's sausage hasn't filled her appetite in years.

Anonymous said...


Mrs. Jones wants to know if Billy beats his meat, if that is how he tenderizes it.

dariusz żukowski said...

Today's word is shopping.

Mr Portnoy is shopping.
She is buying things.
She likes them soft and wet.

Shawn said...


A cougar is a wild animal. Mrs. Thompson is also a cougar, at least that is what Timmy was told when he was hired.

Sara C. Tobias said...


Mrs. Andrews has found the perfect ACCOMPLICE. He is very good at hiding things. They will never find Carol Ann

Ha said...

Joe's mom really likes to eat meat.
Joe's mom really likes the butcher's meat more.

Seth F. said...


Sometimes, when Joe the butcher runs out of beef, he sells his customers other MEAT instead. Mindy is buying MEAT. Her son is missing.

kimberkara said...
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kimberkara said...


Mrs. Thompson is hungry.
She and her children will be hungrier still tonight, because she has no money to buy the food.

Seth said...


Mrs. Jones asks the butcher for a cut of sirloin. This piece of meat used to be Mr. Smith's backside.

jbot said...


Hannah is making a selection.
She is making a choice.
Hannah chooses the meat that was left of Alan after the explosion.

Serena said...


The butcher has done Mrs. Smith a favor.

Now Mr. Smith will stop nagging her about oral sex.

Unknown said...

The lamp was on the table.
Now it is on the floor.
Bowser was a naughty dog.
Now he is no more.

fevinkik said...


Jane prefers the butcher's sausage. She likes the way it tastes.

Unknown said...

This store has many bargains.
The prices are very low.
Milly has to wonder
where they get their meat.

Kevin Ponto said...

Today's word is vehicle.

The porterhouse will make a nice vehicle for the arsenic.
Soon the emotional abuse will be over.

Barley said...


For Susan, the steak is complimentary.
She does not have to pay for it.
Mike thinks it is the least he can do after demanding the abortion.

Anonymous said...

Who KNEW that the cow Billy raped would be sold at the store to Mary?

Dave said...


Mister Laurence owns a butcher shop, he also owns an orphanage. He knows just how to dispose of misbehaving children.


Mrs. Robinson feeds raw intestines to her dogs, it helps them be more aggressive towards the transients.


Mrs. Fredrick likes how the butcher boy handles the meat, she dreams of his tender meat in her mouth.

Dave said...


Mrs. Peale and the butcher have a good rapport. She takes his meat and in return she gets steaks for free.

Anne McKinney said...


Ray won't be bothered by the health inspector any more.

The inspector is gone.

Ms Characterized said...


Eddie HELPS Mrs. Jones hide the evidence.

Unknown said...


Edgar has something special.
It is just for his very best customers.
They must go to the back room to get it.

irve said...

(I like the Accomplice due to the Carol-Ann tie-in.)

I'll take the month to think of the perfect solution to this one.

Dr Phibes said...

Today's word is: Kidney.
To raise cash, Mrs Wilkinson has decided to sell a kidney. It was Mr Patel's kidney.

Anonymous said...

Today's word is meat.

Sally ordered some meat from the butcher.
The butcher's meat tastes far better than her victims'.

sharkey said...

Maggie is buying her family some MEAT.
Their favorite flavor is human.

sass. said...


A committee decides if meat is organic. They've decided meat cannot be organic if it does not come from animals.

Unknown said...


Mary can't purchase the big juicy steak for her husband. Her currency is undergoing hyperinflation.

Unknown said...


Billy knew that the best place to hide Mr Johnson was in plain sight.

dunk said...

Today's word is butchery. Tommy is into butchery. He is a butcher. He can dismember a body in mere minutes.

Unknown said...


Andrew is selling some tender meat to Mrs. Blake
His brother Danny's choice cuts were especially tender

8camille8 said...


People purchase in the black market what they can't find in stores : drugs, slaves, weapons, organs.

George sells to Maggie the kidney he just stole from Jim.

Shayne said...

The word is LAST

Billy's horse finished last.

Unknown said...

Am I the only one that thinks it looks more like a box of valentine's chocolates?

Today's word is ALONE.
Mary is alone. She has to buy her own Valentine's chocolates. She is lonely. She will die that way.

CAGM said...


Ms. Rita’s meat innuendos make Robby uncomfortable. They make him ill at ease. He wishes Dad’s new girlfriend would shop with another grocer.

Unknown said...

Today's word is "Win-Win". The local butcher shop is a "win-win" for the community. It provides discount meat and helps reduce the homeless population.

Maria K. said...

today's word is value.


grandma has more value beind the butcher's counter than she had at home.
the nice lady has to pay a lot for a slice of grandma.

Mystery Hipster said...
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Mystery Hipster said...

Brenda bargain with the butcher. She tries to get more for what she has.

JonnyB said...

Paul saves Mrs. Vandemeyer the Special steak.
It is the best steak in the shop.
If Paul saves Mrs. Vandemeyer the Special steak,
Then she will let him watch.

RickS said...

Today's word is DISPLAY

Carl the butcher displays his meat to his customers.
He brings it out and puts it where they can see it.
Sometimes a lady will ask him to display more meat. That makes it consensual.

Oswald Bastable said...


The meat is NUTRITIOUS.

Alice has extremely heavy periods and needs NUTRITIOUS meat for her blood loss.

sarathena said...

NOT A DEFINITION: I want to marry or befriend each and every one of you. I had no idea there were so many other people like me out there.

SochghajwI' said...

Today's word is LONG.

Harold will not take LONG to serve Emily. He will serve her quickly.

Emily wishes she did not LONG to feel Harold's hands on her.

ChristofCubes said...
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lozopus said...


Mrs Rogers is SHOPPING for groceries. She likes to SHOP: it is the only time anybody speaks to her. But none of the assistants will meet her gaze.

ChristofCubes said...

I must say, Lozopus' is damn good.

ChristofCubes said...
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ChristofCubes said...

Today's Word is Handles, Handle

Bill is a butcher. That is his trade.
He handles the meat with care.

Margret watches, wishing he would just
once handle her the same way.

Anonymous said...


Mrs. Robinson asks Tommy for a SLICE of that meat.
She also asks if he has seen Alan lately.
Tommy doesn't reply.

Gareth said...


Bobby likes to taunt the ladies from the council estate with his prime rib.

He tells Mrs Brown that Iceland is just down the high street.

jer said...


Steven thinks the leftovers from the AUTOPSY shouldn't go to waste.


Norma wore her favorite GREEN coat on her 20th trip to the store that day to buy a steak.
The Alzheimer's was getting worse.

Alex said...


Mrs. Smith is a customer. She asks Billy many, many questions about the meat.

Billy makes $6.50 an hour and wishes she'd just fucking buy the steak already.

Bill Moonroe said...


The man behind the counter is offering a sample. He is offering a free taste.

On the plates are stool samples from rectal bleeders.

Brian said...
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Kapa said...

Today's word is savour

Mary will savour a good steak tonight.
She will eat it with pleasure.
She might give her children its cartilage for dinner.

Anonymous said...

my favourites are impression and complimentary

Pat Kemple said...

Abigail uses her LEFT hand pointing to the beef steak she wishes to purchase.

She will always be LEFT wondering how soon Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease will take over

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Today's word is display.
Display, displaying.
Edward is creating a display. He is displaying his latest work for Mrs. Crenshaw. Old Mister Crenshaw will not be missed.

Jimmy Hats said...


Because of the Economy, Peter the butcher is serving Horse meat.


Jacquiebean said...


Mr. Thomas likes to dress nicely when he goes to the grocery giveaway.

He wishes his big hands weren't such a giveaway.

Ellen Reid said...

Mother wanted fresh meat. The butcher's son looked like he could give her some.

One Maloogafourloogas said...

Dementia -

Sylvia had dementia. She was meant to be buying a coat.

Alex said...


Mrs. Johnson is buying a steak for her right eye. As she told the police officer, she accidentally walked into that open door. Just like last time, it was an accident her husband had no knowledge of.

little gator said...

Ross is on a holiday. He has gone away for while.

Ross will be back next month. Or will he?

Anonymous said...

Accident - Dan did not mean to to that. He did not mean to say "little does she know" aloud

C. Faber Demarius said...

Speak- The butcher does not speak about where the meat came from. He does not mention it to Mother.

DJ said...

Today's word is Stayed.

As Alice runs her daily errands, she can't help wondering what would have happened if she had stayed at the lesbian commune in Camden instead of marrying Philip.

Unknown said...


Ever since Lois learned she had an STD, she had to make a list of all her sexual partners.

If only she could remember the deli boy's name.

Adam Moe said...


Mrs. Smith's daughter is a vegetarian.

Mrs. Smith will CURE her daughter by locking her in a closet with some meat.

She'll have to eat eventually.

glenna74 said...


Josh INSPECTS the meat. He looks at it carefully. If he were to INSPECT Miss Thang, he would see she has meat, too.

Anonymous said...


Mother likes to watch the butcher pack the meat. The butcher is a good meat packer.

DavidB said...

Today's word is raw

Carole buys raw meat for her pit bulls. The meat is uncooked. It keeps them hungry for blood.

Barry said...


Mrs Smith is investigating disposal.

She needs to dispose of Mr Smith.

Flauminger said...

Today’s word is plan.
The butcher’s plan is working perfectly.
Now Margaret’s husband is out of the way.
The incriminating evidence will all be sold by evening.
Margaret will surely be impressed.

Anonymous said...


Mrs. Ernest must choose the right steak.

It is the most important choice she feels able to make.

JoseJota said...


Zoe is confused. She doesn´t understand why Tom is enought old for working but not for sex.

Anonymous said...


Tim loves sharing his wife with other women

Diana&Ivette said...


Mrs. Robinson wonders if the arsenic will blend well with tonight's dinner.

Ryan said...

Today's word is: Slow

The butcher is slow.
It angers Mrs. Thompson.
It is not her fault he had the accident.

little gator said...


Mrs. Ross is not picky. She will give anybody's meat a go.

Cirrocumulus said...
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Horrorshow said...

This wasn't exactly what Tilda had in mind when she asked to see Johnny's meat, but it was still the most foreplay she'd gotten in years.

Horrorshow said...

Oops to my previous comment...the word of the day in that one is meat.

Jon Ross said...

Today's word is half.

Elizabeth buys one steak.
She usually buys two.
She buys half of the usual amount.
Elizabeth recently became a widow.

vespertina said...

Today's word is SHAME.

John the Butcher feels SHAME when he sees Mrs. Littleton, but she always said she can't remember what happened at the prom all those years ago.

Norbert said...

Today's word is touched.

The lamb chops are touched by the butcher's bare hands.
Lizzie and Jim will stay at home for the next days.

Anonymous said...

Today's word is Lie


Jerry likes to lie.
He swears to Mrs. Henderson that he isn't selling human meat.

Anonymous said...

When Harry has a problem with people he calls the butcher within an hour. The butcher always has fresh meat.

Norbert said...

Today's word is paste.

The Butcher lifts the steak out of the paste.
Mrs. Harold may need it, when Mr. Herold had enough of his drinks.
She will stick it next to her eye.
Ross did not write this article: He pasted it.

Andrew B said...

Today's word is FIRED.

Jimmy was fired for putting his member in the bacon slicer.

The bacon slicer was fired as well.

eemfortaleza said...

Today's word is missing

Mrs. Smith's son is missing.
He hasn't been found.
Mrs. Smith is certain that nothing bad happened to him.

Anonymous said...

I'm going for Cure, Slow or Complimentary

Cirrocumulus said...

Exact, exactly

Simon's customer wants the exact weight of meat for her recipe. She doesn't want a piece that is slightly too large or too small.

Simon decides exactly what joints he should cut from her body.

Cheryl said...

Today's word is:

Ms. Jones likes how Jim handles meat. His strong hands grip it well. Jim's feelings toward her are mutual.

Isaac said...

Today's word is realize, realized.

The butcher knew Meg was too preoccupied with her husband's closeted homosexuality to realize the meat was old. He realized she would take it home, cook it, and die.

The butcher was wise and realized a great many things.

Alex said...

Kermit the Frog

Jane and Philip were so thrilled to meet Kermit the Frog. Philip got Tuesday's special, and Jane got a lovely summer coat.

dadoctah said...


Sally supports her local COMMUNITY.

She buys badly-made ashtrays from disabled people.

Even though nobody in her family smokes.

L said...

I laughed at a lot of these! Ross, you should do the "?" more often.

Joel said...

Today's word is deliberates

Lily deliberates over which steak to have. She chooses the steak very carefully. She does not want what happened the last time she gave her husband tough steak to happen again.

The Tooth Game said...


The butcher wraps the steak for Nancy in silence.

Tonight, she will use the steak to silence the neighbor's dog.

Anonymous said...

Aunt Maeve found herself aroused by the four slabs of fresh meat on display.

Anonymous said...


A contra deal is a trade of services.

Mrs Donner had a contra deal with the butcher. He gives her a sirloin steak.

Can you guess what service she provides for Bob the Butcher?

Anonymous said...


Mrs Weinstein knows that the steak isn't kosher. This is her revenge on Mr Weinstein for forcing her to break another law. Anal sex hurts.

Unknown said...


No matter how Mrs. Smith prepares the butchers meat it always leaves a salty aftertaste. Mrs. Smith still tastes salt after she swallows.

Unknown said...

Detect, Detection

Mrs. Wiśniewski and the butcher must avoid detection. They must not exchange any intimate gestures or comments. The police are trained to detect any unusual behaviour.

Sarah234 said...

Today's word is Unaware
Mrs. Jones is unaware.
She does not the meat had gone bad weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

oops typo!

Today's word is Unaware
Mrs. Jones is unaware.
She does not know the meat had gone bad weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Today's word is freed

Mrs. Johnson couldn't stand taking care of her father any longer.
She has been freed of that duty.

Zach said...

Today's word is hospitable

The butcher feels hospitable whenever Mary walks into the store.
He serves her a pink slab of meat and a warm bed to eat it in.
He is friendly in this way.

Anonymous said...

rare - it is not very often that that this happens. Martha's husband rarely lets her make a decision all by herself

anyz said...
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anyz said...
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anyz said...

a lot of

Susan is buying a lot of meat for her cats.
She has to feed very many of them.

She always wanted to have a big family.

Mr. Spencer's wife feeds us well.
She is bringing down a lot of food.

How come no-one realizes she's buying for more that two people?


Chad has whole heart to give Mrs. Kimberly.
She's only asking for whole beef tenderloin.

Unknown said...


Tommy the butcher keeps the meat frigid. He keeps it cold.

Ms. Madigan is frigid too.

Bill Moonroe said...


Jimmy has forgotten something. He cannot remember what it was.

Jimmy has forgotten to put on pants.


Ross has gone on hiatus. He has taken a vacation.

Mrs. Jones is buying a big plate of hiatus.

ericn8886 said...

Today's word is succulent.

Mary is choosing the most succulent piece of meat. Her thirst is unquenchable.

Rocky Raccoon said...

Today's word is butcher:
Joan's husband didn't come home last night. She believes her lover, the Butcher, might have done something to him. The meat has a familiar odor.

Unknown said...


Today's word is "Barter."

Mrs. Fonebone has brought in some meat for the butcher the sell.
The Butcher will give Mrs. Fonebone some medicine that she needs.
They are bartering.

Unknown said...


Today's word is GERMS.

Billy the Butcher does not wash his hands. The germs that live on his hands are too small to see but there are millions and millions of them. Now there are millions on the steak.

Steve said...

Today's Word is Spit Bar:

The butcher keeps the meat behind the spit bar.
The spit bar stops Sally from spitting on the meat.
Only the butcher can spit on the meat before it is sold.

meagan said...

Today's word is Fresh.

Ever since the divorce, Mother can't get enough fresh meat.

Forth said...

Today’s word is: recall

Mrs. Jenkins does not understand why it took so long to recall the meat she bought. She had bad belly cramps after eating it. If you have meat in your freezer that has had a recall, the best thing you can do is just throw it away.

Anonymous said...


Mrs. Hopwell had a lovely little sorrel mare until her husband sold it. She loves that horse. She loved it then. She will love it tonight.

O Senhor said...


Mrs. Dillon wasn't aware she was buying her own son. The butcher gave her a nice discount.

Alistair Coleman said...


"Would you like to TASTE this special cut of meat, Mrs Jones?", asked the butcher, "Tastes like chicken"

Unknown said...

Hattie is very hungry, she hasn't eaten in 3 days. She likes pizza, but when she eats, the boys call her fattie.

Anonymous said...


Cougars are always on the prowl for meat. They hunt for young prey.

Will B. said...

Reunion, Reunited:

After a week of worrying, Joe the butcher assured Marion that she would be REUNITED with her missing husband very soon.

ojasvi mohanty said...


Ross has gone on a hiatus.
It is undetermined whether he is in one place or several.

Alex said...


Ross had to go away for a few weeks. This time, it is not because a judge sent him to prison. This time, Ross has flown to Minnesota for sexual reassignment surgery. He will return as Rose.

(This is backed up by the image, if read from left to right.) The surgeon in scrubs (the man on the left) removes some meat, and then you have a woman. Just like what's happening to Ross. Rose.

Anonymous said...

spend, spends

Mrs. Purley wonders how much she will spend on this choice cut of meat. Daddy spends an awful lot of time at Mrs. Purleys lately. He fixes her things.

CompguyG said...


Mrs. Robinson loves the way the young butcher handles the meat

anyz said...
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anyz said...
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anyz said...

Todays word is skillful

Ricky is a skillful butcher.
He can cut the meat perfectly into pieces.
Mrs. Johnson is a skillful woman.
She can do the same with Ricky's heart

Anonymous said...

AHHHHHRRRROOOOOOOOOO! That's the song my dog makes when she misses me. I miss Ross!

Rocky Raccoon said...


Mrs. Farmer is a vegetarian. However, when her favorite cow refused to give milk she decided to teach it a lesson. One last cookout and Mrs. Farmer will be happy again.

Tony Why said...

Today's word is Tender

Daddy wasn't very nice...but Mrs. Smith will find him very tender

Aline said...


Carl sells the meat to Mrs. Susan. He lets her take it in exchange of money. It remembers them of last night.

Anonymous said...


A rump is a backside. Nibbling a rump steak is as close as Sandra has ever got to satisfying her fetish.

Pane said...


Gretchen is in a hurry as usual. The Butcher appears to 'ignore' her.

He is dallying with his meat in the display. Parts of it are soft in his hands,then he finds the bone.

Anonymous said...

Care, careful

Tom handles the meat with care.
He is careful not to let Jeanette see her son's tattoos.

Anonymous said...

discount, discounted

Councillor Duffy always gets a discount from Tom. She gets her meat for very little money, because she has publicly discounted the rumours about the old people's home.

Anonymous said...

count, counting, counted

Tom has decided to count the steaks for Jeanette very slowly. He is counting on the police arriving soon, before he is the one being counted out this way.

Anonymous said...


The health inspector is undercover
She pretends to be a customer at the butcher's
Billy and MUDr Berger should have hidden the discount pork chops

// MUDr is the title a doctor of human medicine has in my country
// pork and human flesh are similar


Mr. Feldmann's business is competitive
He can do what others do for less money
His funeral services, his butcher shop and his second-hand store are the cheapest in town.

Anonymous said...


Rodger supplies pork at his butchery shop.
Pork is the meat of dirty pigs.
But on Friday nights Georgina always likes to eat Rodger's pork.

Anonymous said...


Millie's sister has a design permanently marked into her skin.
She has a tattoo.
Millie is surprised to see her sister's tattoo on a fillet steak at Mr Todd's butchery.

croustine said...

Today's word is gout.

Suzanne knows her braised beef with shallot is worth it. Besides, John can't help it either. They'll just have to cut off his middle finger when the pain will reach intolerable level.

Anonymous said...

Waste, Wastes

Kevin does not waste anything.
He uses up everything.
The only thing he wastes in his sausages are the squeals.

nicprobable said...

Today's word is SHOW.

Mrs. Kaufmann has asked the deli boy to show her his sausage. She wants to see his sausage.

Anonymous said...


Martha asked for some meat.

Jeff misunderstood Martha.