24 May 2009

Today's word is weapon


Isaac Yassar said...

That is certainly not for children..

Diane said...

oh yes, boiling water is my weapon of choice!!!!

if i may ask, what was the original caption? sometimes i can sorta guess. sometimes i really can't figure out what it might have been for the life of me!!

Walking Deadman said...

You're a fan of horror.....ever see Boogeyman 2 (1983)?

WEAPONS of Death include:
Electric Toothbrush
Shaving Cream (no...really!)
Death by Car Tailpipe

Ross Horsley said...

Sorry to disappoint Diane, but these three images originally appeared as separate definitions. Normal service resumes tomorrow.

Deadman: Thanks for reminding me of the joys of Boogeyman 2, a true classic of the outlandish weapons genre! See also: Stephen King's Sleepwalkers for death by corn cob, and Aerobicide for giant safety-pin murders.

Anonymous said...

Mine is the classic baseball bat, you can beat untill get tired no time for screamming

blogger error 404 said...

cool one

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Lovett likes to tenderize meat.
The meat needs to be soft to chew.
How many ways can you find?
baseball bat
boiling water