17 October 2009

Today's word is wait


Anonymous said...

i dont really get it *blush*

Moannie said...

Bad, bad Daddy.

Stopped Clock said...

He's cheating on his wife with a woman waiting in a taxicab.

S said...

For the first time, I don't car for this one. OFr some reason I would have liked it better if the roles were reverse (man in the cab, waiting for father to leave for work).

Of course, then the picture wouldn't make sense. Unless the woman in the cab was a lesbian. COOOOOOL!

Anonymous said...

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btw i really like the look of the face of the lady in the cab


irve said...

I had the "gone out" as "lights gone out" or something along the lines. Thanks, Stopped Clock.

Anonymous said...

Daddy has so many friends - a different lady each week. Why does he give them money when they leave?

Anonymous said...

Better yet..., Daddy's friend will wait in the car. HE will stay in the car until Morther has gone out. They will wait to have fun until after Mother leaves.

Ellie said...

Oh, I love it.


Scaryduck said...

You've got to hand it to Daddy - he only goes for the high-class ones.

Bill Moonroe said...

Think, Thinking

Ross is thinking of the next dictionary entry.

His friend in the back seat is helping him to think.

Selina Jane said...

You have a bitchin' blog!

Philip Robbins said...

The lady has gone into the house, she is shagging Ross, this is why Ross has not updated yet - or there's been a death in the family.

iamthebrillo said...


We sure have had to wait a long time for a new strip.

Biddie said...

I'm with brillo - why the long wait??

Godar said...
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